Targeting the right visitors - it is a tricky business!

Posted by Shannon Fields. In category: Tips.
Date: 9 Jun, 2012.

Advertising is a tricky little business especially when it comes to advertising your website. There are many who argue that search engine optimization (SEO) is the only way to do this. For the most part, there are many good reasons for thinking this way because utilizing the proper keywords in your advertising as well as on your site will ensure that you are tapping into the proper demographics for what you're trying to sell.

If your site is geared toward selling ski and snowboard equipment, then you do not want to utilize keywords in any type of correspondence that you have if does not have something to do with the ski industry. This is a pretty simple concept in that if someone is looking for snow board boots they are not going to type 'boots' into the search engine. They will be quite a bit more specific than that. There is no doubt the tags in keywords are extremely important to any website, however going off on a totally different path than what your site is about could leave your visitor count very small.

As the years have gone on, web searchers tend to get very specific in their search queries so that they do not have to look at the search results page that has nothing to do with what they're looking for. Time is definitely of the essence and all of your correspondents, along with fewer landing page should offer a great deal of keywords. It is important to be extremely careful with these keywords, especially on the landing page. Any type of content needs to read properly and using the same word five are six times in a sentence or even 10 times in a paragraph is just not readable.

The landing pages so extremely important to attracting the right visitors and this is one area that needs to be thought out thoroughly before you even begin. There are many people who are willing to help you with this if it should get confusing at some point. You can also take a look at some other landing pages to see how they utilize keywords in order to get the optimum amount of visitors.

Making your own website is an amazing experience!

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Date: 30 May, 2012.

Even though the excitement of building a website is one of the most amazing experiences you can have when taking your business online, it is important not to become overzealous in this area. Many people are so quick to get their website up and running that they don't take care of the details of content first.

The content of your website is probably more important than any HTML or any other technical issue that your programmers are going to use. Sure programmers are extremely important in without them you would not be able to get your side up and running, however, putting up an empty web site that simply says 'under construction' is never a good idea. In fact, it is very easy for a visitor to forget your website even exists if you just put up with nothing on it, or very little.

The fact of the matter is that every web site in the world is always going to be under construction. So it is important to upload a completed website and then change things as you go along. You can either add new content and pictures or completely change whatever is already there. If you're selling products at your website, you already know that these products will change, the prices may change, and sometimes you will want to showcase different items on the home page at different times. This is actually a very good idea, because your site will always seem fresh and new to returning visitors.

As understandable as it is to be excited about your new website going live, it is extremely important to calm those feelings down. This is one of those situations where doing it right the first time can mean a tremendous amount of success for your business no and in the future.

Is writing HTML really confusing?

Posted by Shannon Fields. In category: Design.
Date: 30 May, 2012.

When it comes to computers and browsing the Internet things seem pretty easy these days for the general user. But, for those who actually develop web sites that they are viewing things can be a little tricky at first, especially if they do not know what certain things are such as HTML.

This abbreviation that seems too intimidate a lot of people is called HyperText Markup Language, (HTML) and it is basically the language of the websites themselves. It is what allows your viewers to actually be able to see the website. It is made up of tags that actually build the content of the site. This allows the reader to know which section of the web site they are reading.

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No time to waste in getting your website online!

Posted by Shannon Fields. In category: Tools.
Date: 30 May, 2012.

Anyone who builds a website needs to plan and learn a lot of things first. If you're short on time and need to be online quickly so that you can take care of other issues going on in your business, then you may want to choose the 'What You See is What You Get' (WYSIWYG) HTML editor. This is probably by far the quickest way to build your own web site and have it done accurately, because after all, it isn't just about getting online, it is about having a quality site.

The WYSIWYG HTML editor operates in the same form that any typical word processor would. This allows you to get on with life quickly and not have to learn a whole new program. Because the phrase WYSIWYG has been around the computer industry for a very long time, you're probably already familiar with it and know how user friendly any program is that uses it.

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